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Published on November 6, 2017 under Literacy

Part of gaining readiness skills for literacy and reading is know how to treat a book . We model frequently how to hold the book and turn the pages.  We model how to use our finger to follow the words.   We use terminology like ” front of the book” and ” back of the book. ”  Today we read ” The Napping House ”


and talked about the characters in the book.  What is a character ?  What were they doing  ? Being able to read a story and then recount the events ( using terms like first and next ) is important.   I did pull children for small groups to read the book but they loved it.  This book also is a predictive text book which means it says the same thing many times over and I can pause and the littles can most times finish the sentence for me.

There was also the normal stuff going on today.

Gracie was playing in the sand and said ” Is this an I ?”  Well.. yes it is.

Then Nathan made an N with the clear rocks.

Again , all  of this literacy work going on and not one flashcard or alphabet poster in the house. 🙂


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