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Published on November 9, 2017 under Winter

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day. It was wonderful for a lot of reasons  but busy. Ms Emma from the UK came to visit us and stayed all day. She was even gracious enough to bring our parents a ” spot of tea ”  and some of them  grabbed some hot water and enjoyed it while they visited.   That’s the perfect parent engagement and means so much more to me ( and the kids ) than showing up to an event.  🙂   I love it.   Granted… I can’t have an intriguing visitor from a different country with an amazing accent here each morning.  🙂 




One of our small group activities was sequencing from shortest to the longest. Most of the 4’s could do it without assistance.  For the 3’s I had to modify the game and give them two choices at at time. Which is the longest of the two ?  We used math terms like shortest, longest , sequencing and longer and shorter.

Yesterday the littles also helped prepare lunch. Do you put chopped apples in your tuna salad ?


Yes, that is a baby snake.  Naomi found it and casually said ” Its a snake…”  Ms Holly is as fearful as I am about snakes so I had to put my big girl panties on and grab the shovel.  I know . I know..Its tiny but still.  UGH..  I don’t even go into the snake building at the zoo. They give me the creeps. This little gut was harmless . I chopped him into and threw him in the trash where one of this sides continued to wiggle.  SHIVER…. Nope.  Can everyone please pray that this tiny snake is the only one we ever see again in the history of ever ? 


Lots of curiosity about letters is still going on.  I love it. Teaching letters without teaching.



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