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Pumpkin Provocations

Published on October 3, 2017 under Art

We’ve talked about provocation’s in our setting  and how we use them to entice children to think deeper or work on a specific skill.  Today’s provocation was pumpkin painting .

The children were never told they ” had ” to take a turn at the table but most did.   I love the art pieces they were turning out.  I chose to use the small brushes for this art  because it promotes the grip a child uses with a pencil.

There wasn’t room at the table for Nathan so he improvised and painted a pumpkin at the easel.

Learning was taking place all over the classroom.

Elliette was making sure Ms Holly knew the Pledge of Allegiance .

Scarlett and Elliette read a book together in the calm down space .

The boys LOVE looking at magazines. They found TINY ( TEENY TINY ) little pictures in the magazine they wanted to cut out and glue on a sheet.  They are going to be so ready for kindergarten and cutting and pasting all those worksheets .

All in a days work.


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