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Published on October 5, 2017 under Halloween

We started out our day today by drawing jack-o-lantern faces on orange paper.

Some of us even wrote ” Jack-O-Lantern” on their art !

We talked about how many jack-o-lanterns are cut with triangle noses and eyes. What is a triangle ? We made a graph to decide whether we wanted happy, sad, or  a scary angry face .  Most of the children chose the scary / angry face.  They watched me carefully cut it out. We talked about why it is called a jack-o-lantern and one of the kids replied because it has light.    I asked them what else he needed and they all agreed fire or a candle.

We were all happy with the result.

*** funny note – Mr Randy came down at lunch and the kids asked for more crackers. He told them he had eaten them all. When I walked down they told me what had happened. With a huge grin on her face Anisa replied ( pointing to the pumpkin ) ” Look !  Ms Debbie’s face isn’t sad or angry like our pumpkin. ” Made me LOL.



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