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We are the Dinosaurs

Published on September 18, 2017 under dinosaurs

Over the weekend I decided that I NEEDED to do a few provocation type activities .  I don’t think we have been playing and documenting enough to choose a sure- fire project yet so I decided to start with a few standard based provocations .   Today I added this one.   The littles know many math words like more and less. When we did the Dial 3 I noticed they were missing terms like less and least.  The only way to
” teach ” new terms that are not commonly used are through real conversation.   Provocations give us that opportunity.   The kids just liked to sit here and pour the rocks.  As they poured we talked about how the rocks felt, how many we thought were there and which cup had the least amount of rocks in it.

Another provocation ( related to lots of dinosaur talk going on ) was ” can you paint a dinosaur?”

Or.. can you make dinosaur tracks ?




While we listen and document we also find out what the littles want to know . What do you want to KNOW about dinosaurs ?

And lastly.. nothing like a little dinosaur stomp outside !


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