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The Role of Parents

Published on September 21, 2017 under Reggio

The role of parents. Parents are an essential component of the program -a competent and active part of their children’s learning experience. They are not considered consumers but co-responsible partners. Their right to participation is expected and supported; it takes many forms and can help ensure the welfare of all children in the program. Lella Gandini

Parents are an important piece in a Reggio Inspired setting.   I hope you see yourself as a partner in our little village and not a consumer.   As a person that believes in optimum parent engagement in our little family I hold fast to certain beliefs .

I believe that all parents are good.

I believe that all parents have strength .

I believe that all parents have different but equally important skills , abilities and knowledge.

I believe that all parents need support and encouragement .

I believe that all parents have hopes and dreams and wishes for their child.


Even though it is STINKING hot outside we are still noticing signs of fall.




Gracie collected several leaves and started sorting them without prompting ! 


We read a book today about a very BUSY squirrel .  The main purpose for pulling out the book was a little work sampling observation.  Before reading the book I showed the children the cover and said ” What do you think this book is about ?” I got a lot of different answers but most of them were on target. Preschool  children are beginning to notice patterns, sequences, and connections that help them guess what to expect from the world around them. Prediction skills are important in literacy, math, science, and social development.   When you read a book at home pause before you start and ask them what they think the picture on the cover might be telling them about the book.


Kids are creatures of habit.  I love our new room set up but we are still working out a few kinks .  I really MISS the garbage can being in its old spot.  It gets in the way behind the door.   Yesterday I moved it back to the side of the cubbies. That did not work either because of the hamper for our soiled cloths we are using to dry our hands on.   Eventually , it has found a home by the art center  – which makes complete sense because there is tons of trash in that area at the end of our playing.  There was a small waste basket in the art area and I moved it to the stairs so it could be put away.  One of the kids found it and put it where the old garbage can has sit since school started.   Funny Kids.  


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