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The Power of Free Will

Published on September 12, 2017 under conscious discipline

The main focus for Conscious Discipline’s Power of Free Will is to remember that the only person you can change is YOU.

You can’t make a child be a morning kiddo and prance around the room singing ” I LOVE starting my day !”  ( But you can start your day each day slower and more quiet to allow your child to ease into the day. It’s who he is ! )

You can’t make a child be sorry for an interaction with a friend that was unpleasant. ( But you can teach your child to look at his friends face and ask ” what is his face telling you ? Did he like what you said ‘ did?  )

You can’t even really MAKE  child clean up a mess he has made.  ( But you can give then choices like do you want to pick up the blue cars or the red blocks, which do you choose ? If you have a child that hates to clean up BEFORE he makes the mess you can remind him how hard it might be to clean up a huge mess and talk about limiting the number of toys he gets out. )

Sure.. almost any of these things can be done with threats and coersion but is that the legacy we want to leave .  I have heard past generations say ” I did what my parents said or I got knocked backwards.” Wow.. just wow.  Let’s not be those people.

We can scare our kiddos into doing things or saying things but when they are out of our sight guess what happens ?   In my humble opinion surely it’s better to coach them through life’s bumps and help them build empathy and understanding for others and build connections that shout ” I am safe ” and ” you can be who you are with me.”   Funny thing is… Mr. Randy and I were talking the other day and he said ” No one truly loved me and accepted me for who I am until you.” He is 65.  It’s important whether you are 4, 5 or 65 .

Other things happening today :

We did our annual hearing test !


Mrs. Holly weighed and measured us all ~

FINALLY FINALLY !!! We have completed all the initial things that must be done upon enrollment.  I am still waiting to hear from the Eye Center if they will be able to come this year and do our vision screenings.

I put out a little provocation today.  I am REALLY having withdrawals from my theme boxes… bear with me. YIKES ! I LOVE the Reggio philosophy but I am a lists girl and I am wanting to grab control back and do a little teaching old style.

And if you have wondered… family style dining is working just great !




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