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The Power of Attention

Published on September 11, 2017 under conscious discipline

What you focus on, you get more of.

What you focus on, you get more of.

What you FOCUS on, you get MORE of.

Knowing what your expectations are and being able to verbalize them in a positive way is life changing.

Do you feel like you spend all day saying …

“STOP!”  ” Don’t run ” ” Quit hitting your brother.”

Instead flip it.

Walk in the house .  Use your hands to play with your toys,

Focus on what you WANT to happen and not what you DONT want to happen.

Set limits .  Sometimes people get the idea what conscious discipline is a free for all and the children can roam and do as they please.  That is not true .   Those of of that practice conscious discipline just look at the children through a different lens and give them clear expectations of what needs to happen and we activity find ways for the child to be successful .

Passivity  invites agression.

Examples from Dr. Bailey :

A passive person my ask a child to complete a non specific task like cleaning up, or being kind or being nice to your friends.  Instead you should say “Pick up the red  blocks and put them in the box.  When you see your friend  Stacy speak and say hello and ask her  to play. ”

A passive person counts… I am going to count to 3.  1 2 3 …… ok, one more time. 🙁   Dpn’t count ! Just give a clear instruction .

A passive person gives choices when there are none.  Are you ready to go to bed ?  If its time for bed, give a 10 minute warning and then off to bed they go.  Don’t give away your power as a parent.


Be assertive .  Tell your child specially what you expect.

And… we had fun with grandparents today !



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