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The Children ARE the curriculum

Published on September 27, 2017 under cooking with kids

Not a pre-set curriculum but a process of inviting and sustaining learning. Once teachers have prepared an environment rich in materials and possibilities, they observe and listen to the children in order to know how to proceed with their work. Teachers use the understanding they gain thereby to act as a resource for them. They ask questions and thus discover the children’s ideas, hypotheses, and theories. They see learning not as a linear process but as a spiral progression and consider themselves to be partners in the process of learning. After observing children in action, they compare, discuss, and interpret together with other teachers their observations, recorded in different ways, to leave traces of what has been observed. They use their interpretations and discussions to make choices that they share with the children. Lella Gambini

So I’ve been transparent enough to say I am STRUGGLING with this.  I KNOW that I KNOW my environment is set up to learn . I KNOW that I KNOW that it is intentional and that Holly and I are listening and getting cues on how to scaffold their learning  but still there is that old CD-ROM in the back of my head that says WHY ARENT YOU PAINTING PUMPKINS AND DRAWING GHOST AND GROWING CORN AND MAKING APPLE PIES AND…..  It is a strong inner struggle that I am working through every day.

I get little clues that remind me learning is taking place.  It may not look like I am used to be it is happening.


They played this matching game really well !


” This is an A like in my moms name. ”  ( Ashley )


Several of the children were making me beautiful art work and I reminded them it would be helpful if they wrote my name on it.




Success !

You can’t see much from this picture but Nathan drew an amazing face and out it out . He made holes so he could make a mask .  He said ” He messed up . They were not perfect. ” He decided to try again.  SO much going on here.  Not only is he practicing his fine motor  ( writing and cutting ) but he is confident enough to be creative .  He is problem  solving how to make his creation better.   He is sticking to his project when he is disappointed and dealing with all the emotions that come from in his words ” it not being good enough. ”   THAT IS BIG ! Don’t we all want to learn early that we  are enough!

I have had this brilliant set up for bubbles since school started and finally took the time today to set it up. No more spilled bubbles !

I told the girls the other day that I had went through my jewelry and found misplaced pieces and broken gems that I would let them explore and keep a few.  I was the hero today.

And we cooked our own breakfast today.  We made cheese and egg quesadillas ! Kids love cooking !


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