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Published on September 29, 2017 under Reggio

 Projects provide the narrative and structure to the children’s and teachers’ learning experi- ences. They are based on the strong conviction that learning by doing is of great importance and that to discuss in groups and to revisit ideas and experiences is essential to gain better understanding and to learn. Projects may start either from a chance event, an idea or a problem posed by one or more children, or an experience initiated directly by teachers. They can last from a few days to several months. Lella Gambini

This brings us to the last value or principal of a Reggio setting.   This is the hard part for me .  Themes are SO different from projects. Themes ( like I have done for years ) consist of teacher driven information like apples , or transportation or things in the sky.   Projects are pulled from what the children’s interest is.   Ideally , we are looking for something the whole group is interested in  . That is where my dinosaur quest came in. They were all playing dinosaurs. Guess what ?  That lasted about two weeks and they have moved on to something else.  Holly and I have been talking . There seems to be a core group that spend most of their time downstairs creating,


a core group that spend most of their time constructing in the block room and another group that loves dramatic play. Lately the pretend group has been playing doctor. The creative group has been making masks.  We will continue to watch and learn what they might be interested in.    This approach sometimes is a little harder to wrap your head around.  You’re thinking how is masking making helping my child get ready for the academics of kindergarten.  So , let me be very clear with you that I have about ZERO concern about pushing rote teaching of the alphabet and numbers and writing on your child when all he wants to do is pour glue and make a glittery mask .  There will be plenty time for that.  I can do many things that will make him more ready than his peers for kindergarten while we use this


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