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Partners in Learning

Published on September 26, 2017 under Reggio

Teachers and children as partners in learning.

A strong image of the child has to correspond to a strong image of the teacher. Teachers are not considered protective babysitters, teaching basic skills to children but, rather, they are seen as learners along with the children. They are supported, valued for their experience and their ideas, and seen as researchers. Cooperation at all levels in the schools is the powerful mode of working that makes possible the achievement of the complex goals that Reggio educators have set for themselves

Lella Gabini

Partners in learning.  What exactly does that mean ?  If a child sits in circle time 30 minutes a day listening to me tell him how the leaves turn colors in the fall and float to the ground and the air gets chilly – what is the child contributing to his learning ? But if we play outside and notice the changes and have meaningful conversations , is that different ?

If I sit a child at the table and have him write his name 5 times each day what is the child contributing to his learning ?  But if he is making an art piece and I explain that all artist sign their work .. is that different ? Or ..if a child is in the dramatic play area and is making lists of his own !

Removing myself from being the most important person in the room that holds all the wisdom is becoming easier and easier.  Its very freeing.  I have to trust the process and work continually to be present for those teachable moments when I can partner with a child to extend their learning .

Switch gears :

Today was picture day  and it went really well !

Everyone was waiting on the suckers after picture time !

I am adding more literacy based provocations until we figure out what our project might be.

The kids LOVED breakfast this morning.  I knew it would be busy so I made this up last night.  I think it would be an easy breakfast for you guys to fix at home too!  Pan Pancakes !

I don’t measure… so… but roughly :

3 cups of pancake mix ( about half the box )

2 eggs

1 cup milk

a teaspoon of cinnamon

a TBS of oil

Mix and pour into a greased pan and bake at 350.   Cut into squares like cake . Serve like pancakes with syrup.   The taste a lot like pancakes but  no one has to stand over the stove .



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