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The Power Of Unity

Published on August 23, 2017 under conscious discipline

Today’s Conscious Discipline Skill we will focus on is the “Power of Unity .”

We are all in this together !  I am ALREADY seeing so much of this in our preschool family.  When littles have struggled I have noticed many of our friends wishing well and asking can they help.  One of the main ways we will work on our power of unity is classroom jobs. We will start them next week.   We are trying to get the children really comfortable in their routine before we add something else to their plate.  The jobs are things like table washer, plant manager or flag holder.  We have enough jobs for everyone to have one.  Last year we took them all off and everyone chose a new one on Monday . This year so that everyone gets a chance to do the ” coveted / favorite ” jobs they will be assigned and rotated each week.  Your child’s job will be on a card on their cubby.  You can talk  to them about their job and ask them how it went ? Did you like your job ? How do you feel when you wash the table or water the plants ?   Always.. always follow up with ” That’s helpful. ” We stress  ” that is helpful ” more than  ” good job.” We want our littles to feel like they are part of something bigger and being helpful and not praise junkies. We want them to do helpful things when no one is watching and when they are not asked.  We want to be united for the good of our preschool family.


Today is Mila’s birthday.


It is  our first birthday of the year !   We have a long standing tradition that the kids love .   They  LOVE our birthday pancakes.  Pancakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.  The birthday child has a candle to blow out and is given a book and we sing.. of course.   We added another tradition this year that is from the Reggio philosophy .    On the wall near the art center you can see wooden natural letters. There is one for the first initial of each child in our preschool family.  On each child’s birthday their letter is taken down and they can decorate it however they would like .  After it dries it is hung back on the wall. By the end of the year there will be a beautiful wall of art work letters  that were created on very special days .








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