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Rainy Days and Wednesdays

Published on April 26, 2017 under Winter

There’s an old song ( probably too old for most of you to even know it ) called ” Rainy Days and Monday’s .”  The song goes on to say .. always gets me down.  Well, the rain did not get us down today. I heard lots of giggles.   There was much engagement in the materials we had out.  (  Quite possible the favorite TOY of the year was the old faithful red solo cup. )

Sometimes I like rainy days.  It seems to slow us down somewhat .  Today it slowed us down enough  to complete our Dial 3 assessments.  YES!!!  Those assessments are long and taxing.   I am considering next year moving to a different assessment called ” Ages and Stages ” that I think will help me a little more when planning my individual goals for each child.  Today we  finished up the few small pieces that included sorting , an I SPY game where they looked for objects that start with a particular letter sound (  If you could see me you would see my eyes rolling  ) and cutting !  We have some wonderful ” cutters !”   Do we TEACH scissor cutting ?  No.  If I see someone using scissors with them upside down or pointing the wrong way I may help guide them but our kiddos are so great at cutting because they have access to scissors ALL THE TIME.  My instructions were to cut the straight line, cut the curved line and cut out the dinosaur.  I think possibly the company should make the lines a tad thinner.  My  littles are overachievers and cut OUT the lines.

I asked Vallie was she sad that in kindergarten she won’t be able to wear a wedding dress and veil all day to work in.  She smiled and said ” Yes.”  I’m sad too.

I retold the story of  ” The Three Pigs ” today and then they were given the opportunity to draw their own house .  One of my favorite parts of the day was when I said the third little pig was a girl pig and she chose bricks for her home.  Mollie said ” Smart little girl ! ” Yes, she was smart .

Another funny part of my day ( yesterday )  was when I asked Naomi what rhymes with cat. I  gave her an example and said cat, bat, mat……. she looked at me as sweet as anything and said ” meow.”  I love my job.



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