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Tired Littles

Published on March 13, 2017 under St Patricks Day

The time change can wreak havoc on our little ones that are so accustomed to a set schedule. If they are like me , I headed to bed at 10 pm as I usually do last night and I tossed and turned until I feel asleep exhausted.  The alarms on our bed were like a symphony this morning.  Randy was already up and doing his Bible study while I rolled from one side of the bed to the other just trying to grab a few more minutes rest.  (  My phone alarm for the gym, Randy’s clock alarm, My fit bit, Randy’s fit bit … were all dinging at different times. For Petes Sake – give a girl a break.  )  When the  time changes our bodies natural rhythms are challenged and it can make us feel off for a few days .   To  compensate for the difference we are taking an early nap today.  Hopefully, it will help us get a little extra rest that we missed last night  .

St Patricks Day is one of my favorite units.  Today we took a lot of new materials out and things are looking a little green.

The favorite material seemed to be the prisms and glasses that made rainbows appear everywhere.



Here’s to good rest tonight and a wonderful day tomorrow.




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