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The Bears Are Back

Published on March 6, 2017 under Bears

Today we are still using bears to work on our foundation skills  . Today we used a bear hunt game to practice our counting and one to one correlation skills.

With Spring always comes some very large emotions as the children try to figure out this ” friendship ” thing. You will hear a lot of ” you are not my best friend today.”  Our go-t0 answer is we are all a preschool family and we treat our family with kindness.  If you want to teach you can go the step further to say ” Your face looks like this ( mimic ) when you say that . Are you angry ?”   Offer empathy .  ” You wanted to play with your friend alone . Its hard.  Look at your friend’s face.  How are they feeling ? ( wait for answer ) I will not MAKE you play with them but what can you do to help them when they feel sad?”

Growing older and managing emotions is hard.


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