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Its a Jungle Out There

Published on March 27, 2017 under jungle

Today we started a new unit – JUNGLE ANIMALS  !

We started our day by making a list of things we already know about the jungle. One our littles answered very very tall trees and the rest named a few animals – some found in the jungle and some not.  I told them the story of a time I was talking through a jungle in Hawaii to a waterfall.   ( I shared the blog post to our Facebook page . )


We had lots of new materials today to keep us busy !

We read a book called Giraffes can’t dance.   We talked about how Gerald might feel. His friends were making fun of him.    In the book Gerald didn’t think he could dance.  What he really needed was his own music.   Everyone is unique and we should respect that .

After doing a little dance ourselves we talked about how tall a giraffe is . Guesses we made and then Ms Dallas laid 16 feet of yarn on the floor and had children lay down next to it. Wow… giraffes are tall.

We also read a book called ” From Head to Toe ” and acted it out.

In the block room there was some ZOO building going on.

It was a good first day back from Spring break.  Dare I even say… it was a great day .


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