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If I found a pot of gold….

Published on March 15, 2017 under St Patricks Day

Today has been a busy day.  Please excuse my ” not so wonderful ” renditions of the potatoes.  🙂  An artist I am not.  Throughout the week we are talking about ” What is St Patricks Day ?  ” and “Where is Ireland ?” and ” What do we know about Ireland?”   In all honesty.. some of the littles don’t even realize they are from Siloam Springs in Arkansas – more or less where Ireland is.  So, Ireland is a vague concept much like when pooh bear heard Spring was coming and kept looking out the door for Spring to arrive ( thinking Spring was a person. ) Any who… I think I chased a rabbit just now BUT … Ireland is known for its potatoes.  Today we taste tested different kinds to decide which is our favorite. I told you all that to say… hey we tasted potatoes and then used a little graphing activity to introduce math concepts like more and less.  🙂


We also read a story called ” My Lucky Day ” about a lady that found an old black kettle.  She said she was ” lucky ” that she found a kettle . Even if it had a hole in it she could plant flowers in it.  But she looked inside and found GOLD.   She said she was lucky she could build a castle. When she looked back the gold had turned to silver.  Oh well.. I am still luck she said   ! With the silver I can build a mansion.  It is still a lot !  Then the silver turned into a rock.  Oh well… I didn’t need a mansion anyway  the lady said. I can use this rock to hold my door open .  I’ve been needing one. I am so lucky.   As she got closer to home the rock grew four legs and a head and big ears – it was a hobgoblin.   Oh MY ! The lady said as the hobgoblin ran off , I am SO LUCKY ! I have never seen a hobgoblin before and today I did.    Wouldn’t the world be wonderful if we all wore rose colored glasses ?


As an extension to this activity we talked about what would we do if we found a pot of gold . 


Just a little GREEN HUNT . 



Another math activity we did today in small groups was patterning.


There is much coloring with green going on ! 


It was a great day.  I wish you well as you strive to keep rose colored glasses on each day like the lady in our story.


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