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Published on March 31, 2017 under Winter

I had to run to the bank  during lunch to get a temporary check to be able to pay Dallas .  Before I returned Dallas sent me a text that said one of the littles had eaten all his lunch and then promptly declared ” I am tired now. I want to go to bed. ”  After he did this many more followed suit.   Well then…  THIS must be why we had tears and gnashing of teeth much of the day. It wasn’t a bad day but the ” You are not my friend” or ” He…. fill in the blank…. ” There was also lots of falling down and getting hurt .  Conscious discipline tells us that this generally means they are needing more attention.  Today … we were busy giving lots of extra attention and teaching skills.. ” You fell down.  It hurt.  Breathe with me. You can handle this. ”

Before 9 am this morning we had a full glass of drink ( mine ) poured over the floor.  We had one bowl of bright blue paint splattered on the floor and we had three children at one time in the calm down area with lotion to their elbows.



But we did finish up these awesome art pieces for our art show.

And there were funny times too ! Like this time that I walked in the room and Gracie said ( with this scarf over her face ) ” You know I’m not Brynlee, right ?  ”

And then there were the times that things happened that reminded me that even when the day is less than perfect we are still learning .


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