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Literacy ?

Published on February 10, 2017 under farm
Literacy ?

If you keep up with Arkansas’ governor at all you know he is making a huge push for literacy.   He wants to see all children at grade level reading by 3rd grade. You know my teaching philosophy is not embedded with traditional ways of teaching letters and letter sounds.  But do I believe literacy is important in the early childhood classroom ? Yes ! I DO !  Do we do many things to promote literacy in our preschool family ? Yes ! We do !  Here are some ways that happen frequently and without fanfare .

Reading… a lot –

Making charts of things we learn-

Dictating stories and writing on children’s artwork –

Learning the names of alphabet letters – like all early learning – is best done in the context of what is meaningful to young children.  You may have noticed I have been intentionally posting a literacy moment in our classroom on Twitter.  Its like a ” Hey Mr. Governor ! Look at us ! We are already doing this ! ”

Today , we made an emergent reader called ” Brown Cow , Brown Cow , What do you see ?”  You can read this book to your child at home and allow them to read it back to you.  They love feeling successful when they can look at the pictures and ” read ” the story.


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