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That Truck is HUGE !

Published on January 9, 2017 under transportation

We were all excited all morning as we waited anxiously on Molly’s dad to come by school with his semi-truck.  To make the time fly we did all our normal things .


We did a lot of drawing. This crew LOVES to draw.

We talked about bridges and tried to build a few .

We played a math game .  In the game we drew a card and that told us how many blocks to ” load ” on our truck.  Remember, its wonderful that a child can count to 100 but until they can successfully see a number 5 or hear a number 5 and hand you 5 objects — they really don’t have the counting concept.

Some ways you can practice this at home is by counting snacks, counting cups in the bath, counting crayons, counting toys… count , count , count.

And then the semi- truck came !

We got to crawl all through the inside and honk the horn and get in the sleeper bed in the back.  It was awesome.  Some of us counted the wheels.  Some of us found our reflection in the large rims.  What a great day to be a preschooler and learning about transportation.  Thanks Jason !

After seeing the truck we did spend some time outside. It was pretty chilly.  The kids found some ice in a metal pitcher.  It was interesting to watch them try to get it out and talk about how the ice got in the pitcher.  ” Maybe someone put it in there…”

Another huge project outside was this tire ordeal. Someone got the idea to stack all the tires and them fill them up.  It was wonderful to listen to them coordinate and plan how to get the hole in the middle filled up. They put balls in there. They shoveled dirt.   But as you can see from the picture eventually they filled three stacked tires to the brim.



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