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Noah’s Ark

Published on January 11, 2017 under transportation

I can guarantee you this.   If you get up DEEEEtermined to have a wonderful day you most likely will find one.  After riding the struggle bus yesterday I decided today WOULD . BE . BETTER.  Guess what ? IT WAS ! I will remind you that conscious discipline tells us that you met more of what you are looking for.  Today I looked for kids that needed my help figuring out how to navigate life.  I looked for opportunities to be silly.  I looked for children being kind.  I found it all.


Well, we weren’t exactly Noahs Ark or even tell the story but we did build a few boats today.   We used aluminum foil to build boats that would float.  Some of our boats did not float ? Why ? We watched a little water seep to the top of our boats and gradually the force of the water would push our child made boats under the waters edge.  It was fun to watch them figure out how to keep the water from getting on their boat.  I added blue food coloring to the water so we could see it move better.  One of the kids asked me where I got the blue water. I told them the toilet.  For a quick second she believed me and it was fun.


One of the reasons it is great to have family time in the morning is we can ” set up ” our emphasis and plant seeds of what they ” might ” do in other centers.  I am not going to hi-jack their play and force them to build a boat and sit in it but I will mention that maybe that is something they could do in the dress up room.

Or perhaps… paint a picture of water and a boat at the easel or use the markers in the art center .

Mr Randy let everyone have a turn in his boat . The kids loved it.

Outside it continued to be WINDY… so very WINDY.

The wind can’t be ignored so we might as well invite it to be out third ( or fourth ) teacher.


I wrote random W’s with chalk around the playground and the littles found them and a few wrote their own !

Sorting found objects !

Feeling the wind blow our bodies !

And playing with the parachute .

It was a great day.   Every day in preschool is an opportunity to build up or tear down a child that is struggling.  Though it’s not always easy I want us to be builders…. like Noah.
( I love when my blog comes full circle.  LOL ! )


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