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Published on December 21, 2016 under DAP

Our goal each day is to be engaged with materials in play.   Sometimes the children are so engaged in their own learning that I hate to pull them away to check something off my ” agenda ‘ or lesson plan.

Alas, sometimes I have to .

Yesterday we received another letter from Ms Oyler and her class.  Today we wrote them back. Their letter will be waiting for them when they return from break.   We told them we miss our friends that have already went to kindergarten and ewe asked them  questions  and drew pictures of ourselves.


Children’s fine motor skills develop naturally but you can speed that process by offering age appropriate activities that encourage practice.  We have had two moms bring in catalogs or other material to cut.  Some of the littles have really taken to cutting ! Look at this amazing clock collage !


Other things that we are working on that you can surely help with at home are:

Frustration vs. Using Words  When your child is frustrated because they can’t do something like putting on their shoes remind them to use a calm down technique ( Stop, Take a Deep Break and Relax ) and ASK for help. Use words not whines.  After they take a deep breath you can say” Oh, you forgot you can ask for help.  Repeat after me, Debbie, can you help me put my shoes on ?  ” Have them repeat it and then smile.. and help.  Doing this encourages them to use their words and not actions ( crying , tantrums ) to get help.

We are working on putting on our own coats.  Have you noticed your  child is starting to do that ?  We teach them if they have a hat on their coat to first hang the hat on their head.  After the hat is hanging then they can find the arm holes. Every time there is a smile of ” WOW! I DID IT ! ” Ms Dallas also teaches them something about a monkey and a banana for zipping but I don’t know the whole spiel.

Yes, we work a LOT on social and emotional regulation and self help skills but don’t think the academics get completely ignored. We sneak that in like a ninja.  Today Malea painted a picture, wrote her name on the painting ( see the M! ) and cut her art work off the easel all by herself.  She turned three in July.  Do you remember the video of her helping her friend calm down yesterday?  Not only can she self regulate but she can help friends AND is getting the foundational skills needed to keep up with what traditional school teachers will tell you help her to be successful.



And this art work   !!! Isn’t it amazing ??!!


Oh OH OH !  And Holidays are awesome.  Pax’s brothers joined us for family time this morning !



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