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What is Healthy ?

Published on November 7, 2016 under Health

This morning I got out of bed after Randy woke up at 430 am  and thought to myself . ” Self, if adults are struggling with this time change I bet the littles are too.   Let’s make it a PJ day for everyone !  ”  That is exactly what we did.   img_4186We started a unit on health and nutrition today.   One of the games available was a color matching game with salt and pepper shakers.

In small groups we did salad spinner art.  Pick your paint colors and give it a whirl !





Many of the girls LOVED these  little miniature  food items. They provided great fine motor as they took the tiny pieces off and put them back on again.   The normal counting and sorting happened too.



When we give our children food we use the terms healthy and ” not so healthy ” a lot. Each day during meals Ms Dallas fills out our USDA paperwork WITH the littles. She will ask them what is your protein ? What is your vegetable ? What is your fruit ?  What is your grain?    Most everything we serve is healthy.   Once in a while we use whole grain tortilla chips as our grain and of course the kids love them.  They ask for seconds. We are quick to explain a healthy meal is a balanced meal.  We can’t eat all grain and be healthy .  We can’t eat all meat and be healthy.  Littles need a balanced diet.



Remember this rhyme from your childhood ?


♫ One potato
Two potatoes
Three potatoes
Five potatoes
Six potatoes
Seven potatoes



We read a couple books as a group today. We read ” Mouse Mess ” and ” Gregory the Terrible Eater.”

img_4211Ms Dallas was  out today but with the over cast skies a calmness was spread through out the rooms. It was a good day.


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