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What is Family ?

Published on November 14, 2016 under family

What is family ?


Family looks many different ways . Some families are large and always together. Some families are small.  Some families don’t have a dad or a mom.  Today we asked the littles what a family is .


One of our favorite stories to read while talking about families is the story of ” The Three Bears.”   This is a great story for talking about traditional roles that people play in families .  Does the mom usually cook or maybe dad cooks more often ?  It is also a great story for sequencing sizes since everything Goldilocks encounters if BIG for Papa Bear , medium for Momma Bear and Small for Wee Little Baby Bear.  We can also address safety  while reading this story and do some predictive text reading.   If on every page I say ” and the wee little baby bear”  in my wee little baby bear voice  the children will most likely join me in reading .  They know what is coming next.  Predictive text reading is a pre-reading skill.   Tomorrow we will consider acting out the three bears story.


Family – no matter who you consider those people to be are so very important.

This is me in  1988 with my new born daughter  , Danielle.


This is that same baby 27 years later as a momma .img_4445Family is everything.


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