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Thanksgiving Feast Prep

Published on November 22, 2016 under Winter

We are STILL prepping for our Thanksgiving  feast.  Yesterday afternoon Randy,G ( our precious grand daughter ) and I went stick hunting.  We roamed the back roads looking for the perfect sticks to complete our centerpieces for tomorrow and today the littles finished decorating them.  I think they look perfect.  Hopefully it is a keepsake for your families Thanksgiving table for years to come.


We also did a little fine motor work and made Indian necklaces.


I love when I look around the room and the kids are working on things we model all day long .

Parker was reading to her friend.  She even said ” See that sign. It says no turkeys here.” Just like I said this morning.


Naomi made many tiny marks over the paper as she  ” wrote ” her friends names from the  list.



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