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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Published on November 9, 2016 under Winter


Today in  small group we read  ” If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. ”  This is a great book for sequencing but for our littles that is quite a few steps.  We did count the chocolate chips on our pretend cookies though !


That’s all I got for you today. We were busy. We did a lot but my heart is sad .  I took a moment to look at social media when we got the kids laid down .   There is so much hate and ugliness.  Can we all just agree that littles don’t need to hear that stuff ? They hear it on the news and when parents talk about it.  I preach to you guys all  the time about letting these guys be small and not carry adult burdens.  Can you be the role models ?  We can’t do a lot about our Nation and what happens in it but we can do much about what happens in our homes and our cars.  Please.. let them be little.


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