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Stop, Drop and Roll

Published on October 3, 2016 under field trips
Stop, Drop and Roll

Holy Guacamole !  I don’t think we could have packed any more fun and learning into today if we  tried.
First, let me tell you how great you are.   This morning Mr Randy got up feeling a little under the weather.  In the middle of an already totally busy day / week/ month I was feeling overwhelmed and thinking I can not take anymore.  Bartina came in and Dallas stayed late  ( Thank you ) so we could get Randy to the doctor.  We left Siloam after lunch and I got back home at 3:05 and rushed to the fire station.  As each family showed up my heart eased a little .  As each child laughed or watched with excitement as the fireman slid down the pole , my anxiety went away.  We had 100% of our parents at that fire station .  You guys really fill my heart.   You make the chaos of my life seem less overwhelming .  Thank you .


Our day started with the introduction of fire safety week. What is fire ?  What is a fireman ?   I really wanted to help our children understand that these guys are heroes.


Other things we did today was practice STOP , DROP , and ROLL.  Every time I would ring a bell they would stop, drop ( cover their face ) and roll ( to put out the fire .) We had a fire drill.

We played a game outside .  The children would run and I would throw a red scarf on them ( fire ) and they would STOP , DROP and ROLL.


Some of the littles put a large floor puzzle together.



Others tore red, orange and yellow paper to fill a giant F.


Still others painted with red and yellow.  We are waiting to see who determines that when they are mixed the color becomes orange.


Some of the littles helped me get the rocks ready to paint for our rock hunt later this month.



Then we all met at the fire station.

We tried something new this trip.   Each child had a check list of things to look for as they went through the station  .  They found hats, boots, axes and hoses !



What was more cool to you ? Did you like when they raised the ladder on the truck ?


Or was your favorite when they sprayed the water ?


What a wonderful day.  Maybe some of our littles will grow up to be fireman.  Atleast for today, some of them pretended.


( These are our fire trucks and our ladders. )



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