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Published on October 5, 2016 under fire safety

There has been a lot of research put into what affect parent / teacher partnerships have on school success.  The primary purposes of our parent conference in the fall is  to go over the developmental assessment that is mandated by the Arkansas Better Chance program and together to set a goal that we both can work on.   When putting together our information for our conferences I looked at the stone that you wrote what is important to you for your little and gave some thought to how I can help you with that.  I hopefully came up with some ideas that you can use .  There were words like strong and patience or peace and love .  My goal as your child’s teacher is to help you navigate the scary world of parenting.  Some teachers just view their job as an instructor of skills like cutting, reciting the alphabet or writing.  My mission statement leads me in a totally different direction.  Hopefully those skills  are fruits of all the other things that go on in our preschool life but they are not my main concern.


As a parent there are some ways you can help me at conference time . What are you working on at home ? Is there anything you are struggling with such as bed time, getting ready for school or maybe you have aced all that and your child has shown a lot of interest in writing .  I will try my best to be a resource for you.  Try to come with a goal in mind. Think of something we both can work on for the next few months.


Other news – we are continuing to play fireman games and reiterate how to stay safe in a fire.

We had a fireman eat lunch today at the ” mud kitchen cafe .”


Tryston came running up as he pointed at he neighbors today and said ” Its a fireman! ”  I asked why do you say that ?  His reply was ” He has a red truck and a ladder. ”   It was actually Mr Pitts and he said he was ” putting out a few fires ” but he was indeed not a fireman.  I love my job.




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