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Mary Poppins Much

Published on October 21, 2016 under Winter

I love being a family child care provider.   It is the BEST job EVER in the history of ever.  I can be Mary Poppins and get paid while I dance in the rain with my umbrella.

Is every day perfect ? No.

Hey, you wanted the horse. Say, ” I want the horse back.” Hands are for hitting . Do not hit.

What ? Wait… you peed in the floor ?

Girls.. the yellow paint is for the easel and not for throwing around the room.

I love you too, Simon.

Our days are sometimes like a ride at Walt Disney World.  Sweet little tea cups that twirl around to calming  music and then someone hits the speed switch that sets those cups spinning at 100 miles an hour and kids are flailing and teachers are just trying to keep up with who is who and where they are.  .  From the outside it might still look quiet magical and but believe me ..if you listen closely you will hear your teachers taking a few deep composure breaths of their own.

How many times did we bleach the bathroom floor today from accidents ?  Lordy .. it was a day .


We didn’t get to much on the lesson plans today. We  did get some work sampling observations made. We practiced a lot of our conscious discipline skills.

Where are those pumpkin brownies Randy bought that I said.. do NOT bring them in the house ? Ill take two please.

Oh My….  Keep your willie ( We usually use the real word but for printed publishing’s sake I’ll use Willie ) INSIDE YOUR PANTS.

“Hi… Hey.. Uh… It’s Debbie .  I hope your daughter has seen a Willie before because she saw one today.   Her friend was scratching and she was right next to him. The good news is.. she didn’t touch it ? ”  No alarms mommas – If you didn’t get the call it wasn’t your princess that was a willie observer.

( Mom’s the cooler weather seems to be escorting in many accidents . Make sure there are extra clothes here. )

Did you pee in the floor  ? No, you didn’t. The toilet over flowed.  Lovely.

Here go the Walt Disney Tea Cups again spinning out of control.


Every moment wasn’t controlled chaos. There were some wonderful Mary Poppins worthy moments as well.

One of our friends was struggling and very upset.  A friend took her hand and led her to the calm down spot and helped her use a calm down technique .

I had quite an amazing lunch prepared by four littles in the dress up room.  I had a pink donut with sprinkles and a piece of cake .  They must know my love language – carbs.

I watched with wonder as a little built a bed from legos and put a figure on top. I said ” I wonder how she will get in bed .. it is so tall?  ”  She laughed and said a ladder of course.  I imagined with her what it might be like to have a trampoline and be able to bounce into the bed.  Taking time to be silly and laugh is important.  It is good for all of us.


Today was a mixture of wonderful and whoops there’s a willy moments all day.

Do I still love being Mary Poppins even though my hands smell of bleach and my mouth has brownie crumbles around it ? Yes… I do.  I love even the bad days. That is when you know you are where you are supposed to be in life when a bad day is just a series of tough moments rolled into a day but wrapped with wonderful laughter and love.



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