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Feelings – We all have them !

Published on September 26, 2016 under conscious discipline

Today we started talking about our emotions .  Children sometimes aren’t even aware of ” how” they are feeling.  They just seemed overwhelmed.   As we talk about and discuss  and label their emotions they become more aware of what they are ” feeling.” They also can become more aware of what others might be feelings — and empathy hopefully…. will start to grow.  🙂


We played a BINGO game with feelings faces.



There was also game  those was more gross motor.  The children would throw a bean bag into the red bucket. The buckets were labelled with emotions .  Whichever bucket the bag landed in the child would name the emotion and tell a time they might feel that way.

img_1794We talked about what makes us happy and charted it .  WHAT ?? No one said BREAD ??

img_1786We read a story about Tom the Turkey who could not control his temper and kept turning colors. This was an emotions story but also a great review for colors !


It was a busy but fun day.

Our conscious discipline tool we are adding to our belt are  the terms ” helpful or hurtful .” We need to help  children understand the difference between hurtful and helpful behavior. All behavior comes back to the basics of helpful or hurtful. This reinforces the concept of “What you focus on, you get more of.” We need to focus on what we want the children to do rather than focusing on negative behaviors. Hurtful behaviors should be seen as a call for help or a call for love. Helpful behaviors are a display of love.  It would be helpful at home to use the term” helpful ”  as often as you can. If they clean their room – that was helpful.  If they give up a toy to a sibling – that was helpful.  If they listen when you ask them to do something – that was helpful.


Have a fabulous Monday !





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