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Do You Hear What I Hear

Published on September 22, 2016 under 5 senses

Our morning started off with much movement and vigor.  Pax’s mom, Rochelle , came and did a 20 minute workout with the littles.  She is so engaging and fun I think they would do almost anything for her.  She had them bouncing like a momma gorilla, hopping like a bunny, flipping tires and running like a road runner. It was much fun for all. Thanks , Rochelle !



You know we could take this unit ( The Five Senses )  and stretch it out over 5 weeks.  ( Just a thought as a reflective teacher that perhaps I should do that instead of just think about it. 🙁  )    We could spend an entire week on each of the five senses and have plenty to fill our days.  Maybe next year we will do just that !

Today we explored our sense of hearing.   One of the games I have is called sound boxes.  The children pick up the little boxes with handles and shake one. The challenge then is to find it’s ” match ‘ by using your sense of hearing .  There is a little cheat code on the bottom of the wooden box and a few of the smart little boogers figured out the system . Oh well.. win / win.


We read two books in group time.  I read ” The Loud Book.” I read it VERY LOUD. I read ” The Quiet Book ” and I read it very quietly.  We have slightly introduced our numbered noise system  so today we went over that system again.


0 Silent – No voices

1. Whisper – a voice they can use without disturbing others

2. Talking – the expected classroom voice

3.  Loud Talking – like if someone is across the room.  ( Would it be better to walk to get their attention? )

4. Yelling (also called shouting) – for out on the playground

5. Screaming – only in an emergency or… when we are having such a fun time and we just let one out.  Sometimes it happens . 🙂




If you print this out and use it at home we will all see amazing results. One of my moms from last year said ” I LOVE THIS VOICE NUMBERING SYSTEM.”  It works !  Try it !   For practice we sing songs . I call out a number or show them a number  with my fingers and they sing accordingly.   It is a great game !



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