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Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee

Published on August 29, 2016 under Winter

Today we got into our normal routine a little more.  We had lesson plans that did not consist of opening centers , explaining routines  or  teaching how to use learning tools. We have pretty much completed most of that .

One of the best ways to begin teaching a child the letters of the alphabet is starting with their own name.  Can you remember the excitement of knowing how to spell or write your name.  Right now even though we have things labelled in the classroom with names it is fairly easy since we included pictures .  As we do more fun things involving our names you will hear a child say ” That letter is in my name !” Children at this age learn that their name is unique to them.  It is special.


Today we created ” magic .”   I wrote each child’s name on a white sheet of paper with a white crayon and then we used water colors to make the name ” magically ” appear.   The kids loved it !


We also charted who had an A in their name today !



For other intentional play pieces I tried to focus on fine motor activities.  Preschoolers  cannot be successful writers without first getting those fine motor skills ready.


Pushing bolts through the holes and screwing on a bolt.

IMG_0584Twirling a Chenelle stem on a stick.


IMG_0565Star disc toy !

I also had a work sampling mentor visit today . We use an online system of on-going assessment .  We take notes ( observations ) , pictures, and work samples.  Donia comes once a year and we make sure our system is ready to go.  We are ready !   I can’t use all of this work for assessments but some of it I can !




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