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Bubble Blowing Bonanza !

Published on June 10, 2016 under family
Bubble Blowing  Bonanza !

Today was our Bubble Blowing Bonanza. Each child was met at the gate with  a bubble tube and a smile.  That smile was certainly helped along by the Sonic cup that Parkers mom delivered . Thanks Elizabeth.   So, they had bubbles and I had bubbles.  🙂 IMG_7503

We made our own bubbles today.  Another cooking experience .



We worked on our Fathers Day craft. IMG_7521 IMG_7525

We blew bubbles ! IMG_7538

And we made a chart of our favorite flavors.


We made a bubble machine that made monster size bubble clouds. IMG_7540 IMG_7541

Is this not the cutest thing ever.  Look at those lips.

It was a good day.  I wish you could hear all the conversations I am privy to.

Here’s one from today at lunch.   Vallie was telling the story of a leprechaun hunt she went on  .  The kids response in parenthesis  as they bought it all hook line and sinker

V- I went on a leprechaun hunt in the forrest.

( There is a different between the woods and a forest.  Did you catch him ?)

V- Yes !!!   First I took a rope and I swung it like a circle and I put it around his neck.

( Cool )

V- Then the guards came .

( You have guards ?)

V- Yes

( Wow… you live in a castle. )

V-  Then when we guards came they took him off to jail.

( oh no.. thats sad. Im not sure that I believe this story because leprechauns don’t live in a forrest. )




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