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Winding Down

Published on May 10, 2016 under Winter

What is that called when you are near the end and you can’t see it or touch it but you know it is coming and it is coming ever so slowly ?    This week has went by so incredibly slow.  As the children have played we have noticed the P3’s  are developing more confidence and testing out their leadership skills. The P4’s that are headed into kindergarten are not ready to give up the lead yet so we have bumped heads a few times but well.. that is why we are here to work out those kinks.


Yesterday a group of kiddos went to Northside accompanied by Ms Dallas and two mommies to experience kindergarten lunch.   I think they had fun.  Learning to carry your tray and open your milk are all new things to get used to when starting school.

IMG_6795 IMG_6797

Today we created a little spring time whimsy for our playroom.   There was a prototype but you know it is better to allow then to make decisions about their own creativity.  I plopped plates, paint , scissors and glue on the table and they got busy. The end result was a colorful display for our bathroom doorway.




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