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EGGGGG-citing Day !

Published on March 25, 2016 under Literacy

When you don’t use rote teaching or ” teach ” the alphabet the traditional way sometimes you get to the end of the year and wonder ” did they get it ?” Then, a child brings you sprig of a plant and says ” Look, an L .” Yes, they did get it.


Rani’s grandma and grandpa stopped by the read a story and leave a little present for each child . Its a DVD of Wooley the Lamb ! Thanks Rani’s grandparents !


We made a little Spring magnet for our golden friends we get to see today !


It was a good day.  It was a busy day .. but good

Vallie’s mom  came and made edible playdoh from peeps, coconut oil and powered sugar. It was beautiful and tasted so good.

A friend from another school di



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