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Things In The Sky

Published on February 15, 2016 under Adventures in Learning
Things In The Sky

This weeks big ideas are :


  •  We see the sun during the daytime and the stars and moon at night
  • We sometimes see clouds and rainbows
  •  We see beautiful things in the sky


If you turn your head sideways and squint your eyes you will see the makeshift airplane that we put together.   See the little windows on the side



I added a golden sunshine letter recognition game that also incorporates fine motor skills to pinch the clothes pins.  IMG_3420


Simon is playing with a clock.  We will talk about clocks this week and how they tell time but we won’t linger . That is a skill for a much older child.   I mainly introduced this toy because it has numbers we can see and talk about.



I LOVED this idea.  LOVED.

I printed off aerial views and taped them under the blue rice.  The planes are flying above and looking below.  Get it ?

I didn’t love the blue rice everywhere.


One of the books we read today was Goodnight Moon. This is a favorite of many kids.   After reading I asked them when they lay down in their bed at night what could they say good night to.  Another interesting thing as we read was the children pointing out which words rhyme.

IMG_3424 IMG_3425


We also started our week much the same way we do all new units.  What do we know about ……  things in the sky.  IMG_3426


Im not really sure why many of my pictures turned sideways.  I  have a new computer and I an still learning.   Hopefully in the next few days I will get the hang of it.  New blog format and a new computer … makes me just want to take a nap.

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