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New Blog Is Up !

Published on February 11, 2016 under Valentines
New Blog Is Up !

Our new blog is up and running. There are still a few little things we need to add but that will be done soon.  I say we very loosely.  Micheal , Dallas’ brother,  has been working on the website for me. After my server stopped working he took over and is doing an amazing job and adding things that I had hoped one day would be on there.  Eventually our handbook will be digital and even the ability to apply to be on  our waiting list.  I am excited about seeing it all come to fruition.


Onward to our day !

Aren’t these little Valentines holders adorable ?   The children cut out the heart and glued them on . They even laced up the edges.  All of these activities are fine tuning their little muscles to enable them to become great writers ! Some of the kiddos brought their Valentines in today and delivered them to the other children’s holders.  That is where literacy the component of this activity comes in .  Most of the children can find their name in a group of names and many of them can find their friends names. As we put the Valentines in the holder we talked about who’s name it was and what letters were in their friends name.   And alas.. math.  We even touched on a little math as we delivered our little sentiments of love. Before learning to count a child needs to understand ‘one to one correspondence. This means being able to match one object to one other object or person. The children were told to put on Valentine in each holder.  Do you see how easy it is to teach the foundational skills a child needs before going to kindergarten.  We did all that and didn’t even touch a box of flashcards or a worksheet.


Makenzie is playing with another material we put out today that was a great math and fine motor tool.



The kids LOVED the game that Chandler is playing.  The game had 4 steps.

  1.  Count your kisses.
  2. Match your kisses .  ( There were numbers on the bottom. )
  3. Tell me what the numbers were.
  4. Eat… the kisses. ( Their favorite part. )



Children learn best when we release control of how we think they should learn.   Jasmin , Clara and Violet excitedly called me to the easel. They had mixed colors and made a shade of ” hot pink.”   If you think about it colors is  one of the first ways a child learns to distinguish one thing from another.  Color words are also usually some of the first words a child learns.  How exciting it is when they begin to mix and make new ( secondary ) colors and create art with it.  What if I didn’t allow the children the materials ( small bowls ) to mix the paint with ?  When I stop controlling the kids in my classroom more learning takes place.


It was a good day.   Glad to be back at blogging and sharing our days with you.

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