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I Was Country When County Wasn’t Cool

Published on February 22, 2016 under music
I Was Country When County Wasn’t Cool

Today we started a music theme.   First on our list was exploration of country music.  No problem cowboy, Ive got that one covered. I am a professional hoe-down goer.


There were opportunities for music all over the place today. We have always had these loose parts in the block room to build with but today they became music instruments.  Do the tin cans and the plastic tubs make a different sound when you hit them with the chime ?



I only got video of Mr Randy playing his guitar with his cowboy hat on but I did catch a picture of the dulcimer.  Once Mr Randy brought out the instruments some of the children never moved from that spot.






You can play a a song if you follow the colors on the card.




What’s a little old traditional country without an accordion ? IMG_3656


Of course the IPOD is always popular. IMG_3659

Its another music toy where if you follow the color chart you can play a song.



It was a great day filled with lots of music and smiles.

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