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Rain , Penguins and Plans

Published on January 7, 2016 under Uncategorized
Rain , Penguins and Plans

I couldnt decide what to title this blog because there were so many exciting thing to report.


When we changed the science / quiet room over to a block room we had to talk about what would make it less chaos.  We really didnt want the kids to just go in and start pulling out hundreds of blocks of different kinds and creating an obstacle course of sorts that was a nightmare to clean up.   We wanted the play in the block room to be creative but purposeful.  Dallas and I decided that a child entering the room should have a ” plan ” for what they wanted to construct with the blocks.  This plan could be verbal as they talk to the teacher near the room or it could be written or drawn.  So, for four days the kids have been hearing the word ” plan. ”

Switch gears.

I was to the art center and Gabriel  and Kilee are playing and have many materials spread over the desk.  I asked ” what are you doing ?  Let’s try not to waste the materials.”   Gabriel pointed to a sheet of paper near him . He has drawn many things on the paper.  He replied ” This is our plan !” WHAT !!!  These kids amaze me. Moments like this is what makes a preschool teacher feel like a rockstar.  They do listen and it gets really exciting when you start seeing and hearing things you have taught them sprinkled into other areas of play.  Thanks Gabriel. You made my day.


Provocation are not just science related   Today I presented an art provocation.   I put the penguin mug we used yesterday on the table with a sign that said ” Can you paint a penguin?” and some black and orange paint.  Low and behold we now have a herd ( is that the right word ?) of penguins to display.  Much of the time I was sitting at the table and children would approach the activity and say  ” I cant paint a penguin” but as they put the paint brush to the paint  the penguin began to emerge.   I want to do more study on children and negative space ( the white of the penguin on a white sheet of paper. )   Some of the children just sat and painted . Others would ask, but how do I paint the white if there is not white paint ?  I would return with ” Tell me what you think will work .”   There was a little variance between the P3’s and the P4s but I would say they were all very advanced. I also wonder if it is harder for a child to paint a 3D object ( like they had ) or is it more difficult to copy a print.

There was a fine motor activity on the table. The kids could string cherrios onto a chenille stem ( Pipe cleaner ) to hang on a tree for the birds to eat.


We also played with the rainy day toys today.  As a three star facility when we have bad weather days  or falling precipitation we  are encouraged to provide one hour of gross motor play indoors .   Not only do we provide gross motor opportunities but it is suggested that we make sure that NINE skills are covered . ( running, crawling , throwing, hopping  etc… ) Again… you thought all we do is play. There is always.. always.. a method to our madness. Our days are very intentional.   Here are a few of the activities we had out today.   If you ask your child I bet they will say it was the best day ever.  🙂



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