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Friday the 13th Much

Published on November 13, 2015 under Uncategorized

I dont know if today has been ” off ” because it is Friday the 13th ( If you believe in that stuff… and I dont ) or if we are exhausted from the week or…. if possibly we are recovering from our day being a little off schedule yesterday and having a visitor.   By off I mean :

We have had MANY lap sitters today.  ” Can I sit in your lap?”

We have had lots of extra hugs .

We have had some tempers flair with angry words.

Usually when the tempers flair that is signaling that someone needs a little one on one time.

Thankfully , with this group this year, even on a more challenging day we can take the time to do that.

The block structures are getting more complex every day.  If you look at the detail in these creations you will see the engineering it takes to build them. Every day I am amazed at the complexity they are adding.

“The blocks center is a very important part of an early childhood classroom. In fact, if you had to choose one center in the classroom as the most important of all, the blocks center would be a prime candidate for the title. When children build with blocks, they learn about mathematical concepts such as size, shape, number, and quantity. They become aware of scientific principles such as the force of gravity and the functioning of simple machines such as levers and inclined planes. They learn to think, plan, and problem-solve as their structures take form. This center has special appeal for children whose intelligences are strong in the visual/spatial, logical/mathematical, and bodily/ kinesthetic areas.

Blocks play provides children with opportunities to create, cooperate, and communicate. Social learning takes place in the blocks center as children work together to share materials, space, and ideas. Literacy skills develop through block play when children”


I have heard that anything you want to teach a preschooler can be done in block play !

A fun game today was ‘ what is the password ?”   The children formed a bridge between the two benches and asked for a password.  The decided  with Ms Dallas ” clothing ” would be a good fit for out theme this week. What was interesting to me as they played children with shorter legs would have to adjust and figure out how to make their legs reach across the opening.


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