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Our Room Smells Like Green Apple !

Published on October 20, 2015 under Uncategorized

One of the fun activities on the table today was taking ten apples numbered 1 -10 and challenging the kiddos to put them in numerical order .


One fun and exciting part of our day was making green apple scented playdoh. This  was a new recipe I tried it the kids liked it. It made a HUGE Mess. DId I say HUGE mess ?  Whew…   So, we decided that one full day experiencing the green apple playdoh was enough.  I think we will be sweeping corn starch forever. If you want to try it at home here is the recipe.


Green Apple Playdough Recipe


  • • 1 part green apple conditioner
  • • 2 parts cornstarch

We had another math game we played.   The child  rolled the dice and identified the number the dice landed on.  After identifying the letter they would find the letter on the outline of the apple tree and color the number in red.  At the end of the game we successfully identified numbers 1-6 and had a tree full of red apples. 




My lesson plans were pretty heavy in the math department  today.   Dallas used real apples to make a pattern with the kids.  They loved it.


Two parent conferences completed this morning.  Fourteen more to go !














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