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Golden Friends Visit

Published on October 28, 2015 under Uncategorized

You guys know I am gut honest most of the time.  Today I got up with a lot on my mind.  I went to bed that way.  I knew it would be a busy day and I was starting it with my mind going in a thousand different directions.   I want to tell you the minute this lady walked through the door I did a self check  .   What in the world should concern me so much that I don’t remember to breathe and enjoy the moment I am in ?


Can you imagine being the age of Ms. Anita and still have so much vibrancy and joy in your life.  ME ! ME ! ME ! I want that to be ME !

We had such a good time.  Our golden friends ( and their helpers including Chandlers mom, Sarah !) we so amazing.  As I walked around checking on the kids  I saw real interactions.  I heard laughter .  I saw hugs.  It was wonderful.

Our golden friends helped us make a pumpkin craft. When they come I like for them to help with a project so they can take something back to Quail Ridge that is a memory .

One of our ladies even joined in the band that Randy and the kids had formed. As I walked in the room and saw her smile and her hand tapping that drum I knew that this partnership with Quail Ridge was going to be something very worth while .

I hope if nothing else comes from this relationship at the least we  are setting our kiddos up to value the older generations. There  is so much wisdom and life experience they have to offer us.


Other things we did today was  ” The Great Pumpkin Exploration.” Randy and I went to Walmart yesterday afternoon and carefully chose a pumpkin.   As Dallas, Sarah and the kids carefully took a knife to open the pumpkin and explore they found a rotted inside.  :/   It was NASTY.  So, we have observed and documented what we found on the outside of the pumpkin . Hopefully tomorrow we will be successful at looking and touching the inside .


Did the kids tell you we read a book called ” Monsters Love Underwear ?”   We read it yesterday so today we used boxes to make our monsters.  I think they look pretty awesome and not spooky at all .

It was a good day. It was more than good.


In other news when I grow old I want to dress like a bumble bee.



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