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Apple Jacks

Published on October 22, 2015 under Uncategorized


The wonderful amazing absolutely magnificent thing about family home preschool is that we are in charge of our schedules a little more than most programs. We dont share the playground or other parts of our facility so we can change and adapt for what is best for the kids. Today, I felt it was best to have our breakfast outside on a beautiful fall morning .

Cheers !

We also read a book outside while we finished off our milk.



Once we reluctantly came inside there was more APPLE fun to be had.   We practiced our fine motor skills by threading apple jacks onto a necklace . Of course, we ate a few !

Some of our friends even made the choice to pattern the apple jacks on their necklace.


We did a sink float experiment with apples.  First we made a prediction.  We graphed what the children watching through the apples would do.  After we found out the apples float I challenged the children to find other things that would float !






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