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Smell is Our Tongues Friend

Published on September 17, 2015 under Uncategorized

What an amazing beautiful morning . We spent more time outside this morning.  Children have a  sound.. a hum if you will.  They were playing so well that we had breakfast outside until the ” hum ” of excitement started dying down .  We are really enjoying this group. Its almost like you can see them growing emotionally and intellectually as they play. And the entertainment they bring each day is amazing.

Today we talked about our sense of smell.   We found out that our nose helps us to taste.  We tasted an apple with out nose pinched off so we couldnt smell. Some of us said we couldnt taste anything.   We read a book about smelling and added ” smelly jars ” to our table. The salt shakers had cotton balls doused with spray, oils or other scents the children might recognize.  It was hilarious as they would sniff and ask their friends to sniff.

Some of the kiddos tried painting with scented paint .  ( Can you guess what scent this was ?)

We popped popcorn  ! Popcorn really tingles all five senses.  We could HEAR it POP. We could SEE the bag getting larger and the kernels getting white.  We could also see the steam when we opened the bag.   We could SMELL butter and ” popcorn.”  We could TOUCH it to  see if it was hot or cold, hard or smooth.   And most important we could TASTE it . We figured out it was kettle corn because we tasted butter , salt AND sugar. YUM.


We drew pictures with scented markers.


We had more fun with the GAK today too !




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