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Shuberts New Friend

Published on September 4, 2015 under Uncategorized

“Shubert plans to lead his class in welcoming a new class member, but the warm welcome turns quickly into teasing, laughing, and exclusion. Spencer, the new student, looks different from everyone else. ”


This is what our Shubert book addressed today .  We are fairly good about not calling kiddos names or teasing them. Thankfully, we haven’t learned that skill yet.  Sometimes you will hear a name called but it is out of silliness and usually contains a potty word like ” pee pee head.”  It is said to get a laugh and not to be mean to another child.  We still don’t allow it to continue but we recognize when it is said it is not malicious.

Diversity.  We are all about accepting others.  Dont even get me started. Children are not born with prejudices they are taught. Dont be a teacher of sadness.

More water coloring today only this time it was magic.   We water colored over our names written in hot glue . Our names magically appeared !

Sometimes doing open ended art can get a little messy.

Our lesson plan today included making life size self portraits and painting them outside but our day was a little hectic.

Mary Jeffries , Gages grandmother came today and starting doing some fine motor work with the children.  Today they did a craft with the first letter of their name and jelly beans. They even got to eat one !   She came dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder.    Ron , Gages granddad came to help also.

We had a lot of this …

Many of the kiddos seemed really tired today.  I know when I get tired I get a tad grumpy.  Sometimes kiddos do  also but then sometimes they go the other direction and just get wild.  Today was a high energy day.  Here’s to knowing and believing that Monday we will be back to normal.




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