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Foodie Friday

Published on August 28, 2015 under Uncategorized

Our intention is for every Friday to be ” Foodie Friday. ”  Environmental rating scales state that a quality preschool environment will have rich experiences and that should include cooking experiences atleast once a week.  Today was our first cooking experience as a class.  We  looked mighty cute in the new aprons that Boston’s grandmother made for us.  We gathered around the island and made bread in the shape of our initials.


I think the children enjoyed the experience as well as the tasty treat when it came out of the oven.

There was more fun in the mud kitchen today.

Learning started taking place long before breakfast this morning. It wasn’t something planned for our day.  Many of our greatest learning experiences take place right outside the confines of our fence . Today we were intrigued by the ” worker man ” or ” construction worker” in the yard next door as he used an orange ” digger ” to dig a large , long and deep hole. We even saw some of the old water pipes pop up out of the ground.     He made a LONG trail of dirt that looked like a ” caterpillar.”

We concluded out ” I Am Special ” unit today be reading two books about ” Its ok to be different ” and ” What I like About Me .”   We took paint that was skin tone and tried to figure out which ones were most like our skin.  Some we got too dark. Some were much too white.  We had to mix colors .  Each of our skin tones was unique.  Is it ok to like people who’s skin is not like ours ?  Yes ! YES !   Can we just learn this in preschool and no one ever tell them any different ?  That would be wonderful and the world would change.  ( Soap Box)  Racism is not born.. it is taught. DONT be the teacher.

In our book called  ” What I like about me” it pointed out some really funny things  of the characters in the book.  Then we talked about what we like about ourselves.


Kilee- My eyes.

Boston- Playing with my dad and wrestling

Jasmin- My skirts and my shirts

Violet – My hair

Makenzie – My mom hugs me and my eyes and my hair

Simon – My mama

Rani – Sleeping with my momma

William –  Playing with balloons

Canyon – ” Im just me”  When I smell flowers with my nose

Gage – Me pretty teeth I brush all morning

Brynlee – My hair

Jude – I eat donuts and cookies and waternelon

Clara – My teeth  because in the back they are all straight but falling apart.

Chandler – My sunglasses

Parker- My blue eyes

Gabriel – Opening the door for people at my house


Self concept is a hard one for preschoolers. Many of them  cant distinguish their traits yet from what they do or what they wear.


OH .. And a fire drill.  We had a fire drill today.   ( This was not done as the result of uncertainty from my burnt bacon episode this morning. 🙂   )


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