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3D Art

Published on August 26, 2015 under Uncategorized

For us to still be in the first few days of school we are doing exceptionally well.  We are getting a lot accomplished for my ” wish list ” of lesson plans for the day and we are having fun.

We did MORE assessments today.  Today was copying letters .  :/ You guys know how I feel about children and forcing them to write before they are developmentally ready so I wont hop on my soap box again but I will show you what happens when you just expose a child to things that will strengthen fine motor skills .


Enough said.

Ms Dallas will be doing 3 d Art once a month with the children

”  There’s so much learning that takes place as a child creates art. Not only do children development eye-hand coordination, but their brain connects to their visual and motor development in ways that help children master real life skills. Art develops our imaginations and helps us discover new ways to process information. The problem solving, critical thinking, planning and adaptation inherent in art making is much more complex than most people realize. The myriad of art materials, and recycled objects that are used in art provide new and different learning as they introduce new problems to solve and new challenges to creative thinking. ”  Discount School Supply

Today they had fun making sculptures from aluminum foil.


We played name games and explored more the ways we are alike and the ways we are unique .  Some of us have curly hair and some of us have straight hair.  Preschool is a wonderful time to build a strong foundation of accepting others no matter what our differences are .


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