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Shiver Me Timbers

Published on May 8, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today we finished up our Mothers Day Projects.  You are my sunshine.. My only sunshine .





















The kids made a project for me too  for teachers appreciation week.   Dallas helped them make little flowers and on the stem it said why they love me.  Precious !




Thanks to all that brought gifts , drinks and came to play during Teachers Appreciation Week.  Sometimes people forget that the taller folks that hang out in a preschool program are indeed teachers.


Do you remember the ” circle project ”  I am involved in ? The first week we gathered materials ( bottle tops ) The second week we introduced the circles and started stories or scaffolded their learning with them.  This week our challenge was to explore ways with the children we could document play with the circles.  Today, the children took around an old IPOD and documented work, and feet, and Randy, and toys…. 🙂  The list is endless.  188 pictures !

We try to follow the children’s lead as much as possible when teaching . Lately during outside time the kids have been all about finding worms.  One of the kids asked ” Does a worm have eye’s?”   Googling not only finds the answer for them but it also teaches them how technology affects our lives.






















Our question of the day was ” When a pirate needs to look long distance does he use a microscope or a telescope ?”

Today we made telescopes.





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