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Ups and Downs

Published on April 7, 2015 under Uncategorized

This is  a marathon week for me.  When that happens I get more determined to stay on schedule with my kiddos . Its the one place that usually I can find peace and calm.  Crazy, I know.   Our day started out pretty great.  I met the kids outside . I love to start our day with fresh air and sunshine.   After following our normal routine we broke into two groups.  Usually we have set groups but today I changed it up a  bit .I kept the kiddos inside that are going to kindergarten first.  We will do that for the rest of the year ( Most days ) and I will do a little more one on one work with kindergarten readiness skills.  Today we played a math BINGO game  .


The kids really enjoyed the pretend flower shop today.  In the room there are flower pots that are labelled with colors for sorting and pots labeled with numbers for counting.


Late in the morning a fire marshall stopped by to give me some bad news.  I appreciate the fact that he cared enough to come tell me in person.   I have been advocating for some time to get a fire code changed that requires all FCC Homes to have a fire suppression system.  I have been in contact with the state fire marshall and worked with a group doing research and making phone calls.  The good news is that all homes that are licensed for under ten children are exempt.  The bad news is….  that isnt me.  🙁   By January 1, 2017 I will be required to put a fire suppression unit in my kitchen.  I never fry food and most times our food is whole fresh food.  Adding insult to injury the USDA has a proposed change out that says FCC homes MAY NOT fry foods. So.. then the whole intention behind the fire suppression system is eliminated and we will have a unit installed and paid for that is not needed.  UGH.. I dont get disappointed often and I really am glad  I could help my friends but doing so much work and being one of the few that doesnt benefit really stinks.


So, when I get stressed or disappointed I usually do one of two things.  I eat … carbs.. lots of them or I exercise.  So, off we went. I drug the kiddos along with me  on a little outing . It was good for  me and they loved it.

























































Tomorrow is a new day.  🙂


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