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Wacky Wednesday

Published on March 4, 2015 under Uncategorized

Thankfully we were able to enjoy part of a fun day before the snow and sleet poured down on us.  Today was WACKY WEDNESDAY  and everything was well… just a little wacky.

Ms Dallas was all crazy with socks in her hair.


The kids seemed intrigued by some of the wackiness.

We had a few friends come in with different shoes on and other wackiness.



We had a wacky breakfast of ice cream with whipped topping , chocolate syrup , springs and of course graham crackers and bananas to round out our recommended food groups for breakfast.   And of course… we ate it under the table.  That’s so wacky.





We explored the ice and sleet that was falling outside.


We read more Dr . Suess Stories and of course we read Wacky Wednesday.



We talked about other words that begin with W and made quite a list !

We played our rhyming game too !   Here is a very clear  example of the difference between the development of a three year old and a four year old.   In our game we have three pictures and we decide which two rhyme.

Cat , Bat, Car , popsicle.

Four year olds yell   Cat and Bat   Cat and Bat

Three year old   – ” I like purple popsicles. ”

And you know what? That is ok !   These kiddos  ( even the four year olds !)  are not expected to be able to pick out rhyming words yet. Sure, we read  them  and play silly games and make up nonsense words but we are just ENJOYING them and getting exposure .  A week reading Dr. Suess is full of rhymes and silliness.


It was a fun Wacky Wednesday.

Thanks everyone for picking up your kiddos early so we didnt have an impromptu sleepover.



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